Frequently Asked Questions

About testing

Is Mohana's blood test equivalent to standard labs?

Yes, our labs are CLIA and CAP accredited, ensuring extensive validation and strict compliance with federal CLIA requirements. Our hormonal panels are carefully designed to include only those biomarkers that consistently yield accurate and stable measurements in the at-home format.

Which countries are eligible for Mohana's hormonal tests?

Testing is currently available to the residents of the United States, excluding New York state.

Will a doctor review my results?

All of our lab tests are ordered and reviewed by our physicians. When your test results become available, our physicians look at your test results and decide at their clinical discretion if there is an abnormal result may require a follow-up. If a follow-up is needed, they will contact you directly on the phone number you shared with us when placing your order, and will discuss the necessary next steps.

Can Mohana diagnose me?

No, Mohana is an educational, information-only platform, we do not provide diagnostic services or treatment plans. While we're hoping that Mohana can empower women to self-advocate during their doctor visits, it is at the doctor's discretion to decide if they wish to provide a diagnosis on the basis of your test results on Mohana.

Can I test my hormones if I’m on a hormonal birth control?

Hormonal contraceptives synthetically alter the hormones that control your menstrual cycle, and as such testing your reproductive hormones such as FSH, LH, estrogen and progesterone will not reveal how your menstrual cycle would naturally function. Keeping this in mind, we have a dedicated lab panel for people currently on a hormonal contraceptive.

Can I download my results to share it with my doctor?

Absolutely! Our mission is to empower women to be able to have informed discussions with their physicians. Therefore, we encourage everyone to share their test results, symptom and cycle information with their providers.

How do I collect my blood sample at home?

As described here, you will first use a lancet to poke your finger. Then you will collect a blood drop in the designated section on your collection card. Your test kit includes everything you need to collect your blood sample at home.

What if I'm having trouble collecting enough blood for the test?

Increase your blood flow by making sure that your hands are warmed up. If you are feeling cold, it often helps to lift your arms up and down, or to run them under warm water.

How often should I get tested?

There is no restriction on how frequently you can get tested - however, certain biomarkers need to be measured on specific days of your cycle, and because of that, we don't recommend to measure your biomarkers more than once per cycle. Some users test at every cycle, while others wait 3 to 6 months to retest in order to allow enough time to see if an intervention was effective at restoring their hormonal balance.

YOur results and action plan

How do I know what to do about my test results?

Our core mission is to fill the information gap that exists around women's hormonal imbalances and the science that exists on actionable and safe procotols that can help women feel better. After your test is completed, we create a health report that contains the following:

1. An analysis of your results
2. Your action plan

Your analysis provides your test result for each biomarker, possible reasons that might impact your biomarker, and symptoms that might arise from out-of-range values. In your action plan, you will find 6 protocols uniquely chosen to help you restore your hormonal balance, and reach your health goal. These are curated by our precision engine, and our team of scientists from leveraging the latest insights in lifestyle, behavioral and nutrition sciences.

How is my action plan created?

Each action plan is created uniquely for you, based on your test results, health objective, symptoms, cycle and other health information that you share during your health assessment. Our precision engine first curates a set of relevant protocols by leveraging your unique health information. Then our team of scientists, medical and naturopathic advisors review the proposed protocols, and select those that are the most relevant to helping you achieve the health goal you identified during the assessment. This process allows us to filter the scientific literature based on what's most likely to get you to improve the health goal that matters to you.

How long until a hormonal imbalance is improved?

Hormonal imbalances typically don't happen overnight. As a result, it can take some time to see an improvement after implementing a change. While this can be discouraging, it's important to know that hormonal symptoms typically take 3 to 12 months to improve. Some people see an improvement after just a few weeks, while noticable changes may take longer for others. Don't forget our bodies are unique, and we all have our own health journeys.

I am looking for menopause-related support. Can I use Mohana?

Currently, Mohana is tailored to reproductive-age women who still get a period. You can sign up for our waitlist to be the first to try Mohana when we expand our platform for women in menopause.

How do you evaluate the scientific evidence behind each recommendation?

Your action plan contains recommendations for protocols that can help you feel better. These protocols undergo rigorous scientific evaluation to ensure that any information given to you comes from the highest quality scientific sources. In this process, we consider various factors for each protocol from the quality of journals and publishers, the number of publications, the number of test subjects studied, the type of test subjects studied, to the protocol's potential impact size.

Your subscription

How much is Mohana?

Our memberships are $99 / month with a minimum commitment of 3 months (total $297).  This includes your health assessment, a comprehensive blood test, and 3-month access to our app where you can access your test results, our health insights, your personalized action plan, and your symptom and cycle tracker. Your membership also includes a checkin with our health team to review how well your action plan has been improving your symptoms, and update your plan if necessary.

Can I use Mohana outside of the US?

Stay tuned, we are soon going to release a version of Mohana that will be available internationally.

data protection

How is my data protected?

Mohana uses the latest encryption standards to protect your data while you're using our mobile and web applications. All your data is first anonymized before it gets stored on an encrypted disk in the cloud. Your data is available to you upon request and can be fully deleted if you wish to delete your account.

Do you sell my data?

No. Mohana does not and will not ever sell your data to third parties. We respect the sensitivity of the health information you share with us, and we take data privacy extremely seriously. Your data is fully anonymized to all members of Mohana, and is only used to provide you recommendations.

Can you delete my data?

Yes, you have the right to have your personal data be deleted when you're no longer using Mohana for your hormonal care.